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“One half of the hit podcast “ComedyBBQ” ( Daryl Felsberg is a comedy factory! After being on the road for over 10 years now, he has honed his comedy voice into a character that the industry and fans alike are taking notice of. In 2009 Daryl produced his album “Bad Fattitude”selling nationwide, while getting air play on XM / Sirus Comedy. That same year Daryl was tapped to be the host of “The Shopper’s Club”; a shop from home show on a regional cable network. Daryl was yanked off the air after only 3 months  for mocking the clients and their products, all though viewership was at an all time high. Daryl is recognizable from many commercials, and voice overs that he has done.
September 2016 will unveil his new album yet to be titled, and he is finding himself a popular guest on radio shows and hit podcasts. 
Daryl is currently writing a treatment for pilot for the Travel Channel about comedy and BarBque. His rants on obesity society, his kids and the absurdities of everyday life, keep audiences laughing and captivated. From stage to TV, the only thing bigger than he is,... are the laughs."

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