The Comedy Magic of Eric Eaton

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2 Dates Through Feb 29, 2020

Eric has performed all over the United States. Some cities would include Las Vegas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, St. Louis, Tampa, Shreveport, and many more. Eric is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and at age 15 while performing street magic, was invited to attend the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Eric has been asked to perform at two comic con events in Texas. Eric has had the opportunity to perform magic for many celebrities; some which would include Carlos Mencia, Steve Byrne, Lou Ferrigno, Desiigner, Derek Trucks, Jay Pharoah, Emo Philips, and many more in which you can find on his social media platforms; @themagicofericeaton. Eric puts on a great show that earns him high praise with his unique blend of magic, charm and comedic wit. People referred to his amazing comedic tendencies and his ability with magic to being the perfect combination for a compelling and entertaining show. All of Eric’s tricks include audience members.  From the show’s start to the incredible finish, audience members find themselves on stage trading barbs with Eric and having the time of their lives!  The interchange is classic entertainment at its best. Be prepared to sit back and laugh at the hilarious and incredible Comedy and Magic of Eric Eaton!

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617 N Mesquite, Corpus Christi, TX 78401